Patruck's Gran Turismo page

This is Patruck's GT2 hybrids' page, a source to get infos about making hybrids and other hacks with Epsxe and the PEC plugin. Before you continue reading, make sure you have installed PEC plugin properly and you have a basic knowledge of how it works.

09/2010 News: more to come in this page, such as GTPSP hybriding section, GT tuning/driving guides and so.

09/2012 News: added a new section (personal views - Emulating GT2), probably going to write some pages as well as delete the GTPSP tuning guide, which I realized is made in a totally wrong way...

11/2015: Delighted by the fact this site is still online and read by a GT2 community on the net, I added a new, completely different section that GT2 users couldn't care less: the computer museum. Hope that this piece of obsolete internet will still be able to resist on the net for some time: let's keep the incoherent, chaotic pioneeristic www spirit alive!

12/2015: added a new section about Octave scripts: for now, a .zip tool which runs under Octave and that can be used to correctly tune-up gear ratios of your GT6 cars (or any other version of Gran Turismo, or any other game, actually).


Octave Scripts

GT Gear ratios setup tool

Computer Museum

To the (obviously WIP) Computer Museum

Gran Turismo PSP (Work in Progress)

Driving & Tuning

Basic car tuning


GT2 Hybriding Tutorials/Guides

Completed section:

Learn how to make a hybrid (basic)

How to make a good hybrid (advanced)

WIP section:

Advanced techniques (pro)

Exploring other opportunities (pro)



Who am I


Test drives / Race reports (GT2)

The European Sedan Test


Personal (gaming) views

Experiments and Projects

Youtube GT2 projects